Thursday, 7 December 2017

OLC Beach Day

Just a couple of reminders for the OLC Beach Day...

Students are to come in free dress with clothing appropriate for the beach. 

Please make sure your child comes with suncream already applied, packed recess and lunch, towel and a hat. All students must wear a rashie!

We will arrive at the beach at 11.45am. We will have lunch when we arrive and then we will hit the activities. You are welcome to join us for any part of the day.

We will be departing at approximately 2.30pm to come back to school. 

Reports will be handed to the students back at school at the end of the day.

Have a great day!

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Week 8 and planned excursion

Welcome to week 8.
This week we are going back over money and how we can determine change from purchasing problems.  We are also reading the picture book 'Fox' and finalising our totems.

Homework this week includes spelling words that were sent home today, mathletics tasks around money and a readingeggs task.
Students also need to ensure they have all necessary components to finish their totems tomorrow.  If your child hasn't brought in their materials, please ensure they are here tomorrow.

Attached below is a letter about our planned excursion to the ArtGeo cultural precint in busselton.  A hard copy will be coming home with your child tomorrow but please read and return the permission slip by Friday.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Week 7

Today we have discussed our final D&T task.  Students learned about totem's, the role of names given the indigenous people and how they assist with land management.  From this students need to come to school tomorrow having chosen their Australian Animal totem and thinking about how they will make theirs from recycled and natural materials.  We will be making them Friday, so please start thinking and collecting items to use.

I have not set spelling homework at this point as we completed our final assessment today.  Students will bring spelling homework tomorrow.  I have however set mathletics and there is always reading that needs to be completed. 

With our stop motion movies, I have told students that I will be available Wednesday and Thursday lunch times to assist where needed, but these are due Friday.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Week 6

Congratulations to all those who completed their Eucharist over the past fortnight.  You have worked hard to be prepared and displayed very mature attitudes during the sacrament.  Also thanks to the Prayer Buddies that supported the students making their sacraments very respectfully.  We had some very in depth discussion around living like Jesus and caring for people, with refugees especially interesting students.  We may have some budding human rights lawyers in our midst!

For homework this week I have set mathletics tasks around number patterns as these are what we will be working on this week.  Please ensure all tasks are completed by Friday.  Students will have spelling, with words on Edmodo and of course reading every night. 

We have been working on Poetry and all students wrote some awesome Haiku. This week we will be working on Cinquain and I will put some example up on this blog as we start to publish them.  We are working on our stopmotion 'Everyday Superhero' movies tomorrow who please remember to bring everything needed for this (Backgrounds, Characters, Ipads fully charged and Movies if they have been filmed).

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Week 4 - Eucharist week

Good Afternoon and welcome to week 4.
This Sunday we are making the Sacrament of Eucharist, so our lead up to this special day will be busy.  We will be heading to the Church Thursday and Friday to practice in the Church what will happen Sunday. If your child is receiving the Sacrament and you have not returned the money or poster, please do so ASAP.

Mass for all students starts at 9am Sunday, but please ensure you are there by 8:40 to be seated and prepared.  The video below outlines how those receiving Eucharist will be processing to Father Ian and how they will receive the Eucharist.  Parents, you will be involved, which is explained in the video.  If your child is receiving Eucharist, please watch and discuss this video with your child before Tuesday.

This week we are working on Poetry, but spend today reading illustrations from Shaun Tan's Book 'The Arrival' continuing on from some interesting discussion we had last wee on refugees.  We are also starting to record out StopMotion movies as we learn and experiment with more techniques to improve our movie making.

In maths we are working on the half/half division strategy and moving in to review multiplication strategies.

Last Friday we held our first lunch time coding class.  This club will run through techniques to code robots, with students having the opportunity to set challenges and code robots.  This is an elective club, so students who are interested will be asked to create a "Tickle" account, which is the app used to code BB-8.  You may receive an email requesting that you approve your child's request to create an account.

Homework will include mathletics tasks, reading and spelling.  This week I have not set reading eggs tasks but please ensure we are reading every night.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Term 4 week 3

This week he have started experimenting with stop go animation, where we are using photographs that we stitch together to make inanimate object move.  Today was our first experience and all students were able to make their own videos while reflecting and explaining how they will improve their techniques.

Well done to all the students on Saturday night.  They did an awesome job with their reverence and with answering the unscripted questions from Father Ian.  Remember that our posters are due Friday.


I have assigned tasks in mathletics in place of the times table sheet.  The tasks will reinforce concepts that we are studying in maths lessons.  I have also assigned a book in reading eggs for the students to read.   

Monday, 9 October 2017

Term 4 week 1

Welcome to term 4, hopefully everyone is well rested and ready for another big term.

Today we began our unit on poetry and also started planning our 'stop go animation' work.  

In Maths we will be reviewing and expanding our division knowledge.  Mr Torrese has included a blog on the speaking challenge this term, so please have a look.


I have assigned tasks in mathletics in place of the times table sheet.  The tasks will reinforce concepts that we are studying in maths lessons.  I have also assigned a book in reading eggs for the students to read.